Who Are These Guys?

Meir-Simchah (or Seth) Panzer is a lover of life, Israel, Torah, wisdom, language, languages, literature, mathematics, and science. Among other things. Meir Simchah grew up in English in Virginia, USA, and now lives between languages with his wife and children in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a writer-editor worth over half a billion dollars in donations to his employer (too bad there’s no commission…). Meir Simchah moonlights as a psycholinguist, and aspires to his preferred pronoun: המחבר שליט”א.

Tzvi Zucker lives in Jerusalem with his wife and three daughters. He and his beard grew up in Brooklyn, which lets him be both hipster AND hasid. Tzvi is a social worker by training, a marketer by profession, and neurasthenic by practice. He is an avid fan of semicolons, sarcasm, and melancholy music. Tzvi can generally be found at home or pontificating to a (sometimes literally) captive audience on whatever brilliant insight he thinks he just had. His dream is to be paid to have opinions; until then, you can enjoy them here free of charge. Tzvi loves learning Torah and conversing with the ancients (or just about anyone else).

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