What To Live For? (Episode 16)

Episode 16 starts with some ruminations on Israel’s 70th birthday, as it was recorded around the time of the holiday. We start by reflecting on how much Israel has grown and advanced, with some pride in our accomplishments!

When the conversation turns a bit more serious, we begin to talk about Israel’s marking of Memorial Day and Independence Day back to back, where each gives context to the other. Israel sees its independence in light of the sacrifices made to achieve it, and sees those who died as being a part of their life and liberty.

The Israeli Independence Day annual Air Force fly by

We then compare how Israel celebrates these days versus the United States. We talk about our experiences of both, but continue on to discuss the difference between having something to die for versus having something to live for (an important distinction, indeed!).

Having what to die for, we suggest, is easy. You go out in a blaze of glory, and you are done. Having something to live for requires a lifetime’s tribulations, suffering, and a thousand small deaths instead. It is far, far harder to live for something! 

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