Unintelligent Design (Episode 17)

There’s evolution, and on the other hand, there’s Intelligent Design. Right? Creationism posits “intelligent design,” and that is almost always twinned with a sense of Providence – which one causes the other is a good question. While the two ideas, at first glance, don’t necessarily need to go together, they almost always make an appearance hand in hand as someone who believes in one almost invariably believes in the other.

Those who insist that G-d Loves you, and takes an active role in people’s lives, almost always connect that Providence to a G-d that made the whole universe. We jokingly call this god the Tinker Toys god, as it makes the world something he is constantly creating by hand always. 

Many, if not most, religious people believe in a Tinker Toys god. And they see signs in anything – “god wanted me to miss the bus,” “god made me this money,” etc. But what this really does, ultimately, is remove free will from the worldview. And a worldview without free will is a dangerous one indeed.

From there we get into rain gods, based on the Hebrew root G-Sh-M meaning both rain and physical reality. It is here the idea of Providence and G-dly intervention comes from, though it isn’t where it ends up. It breaks down when meaning is forced into things, and bad ideas can take hold in a worldview. 

We come to suggest that the world is unintelligently designed. This is blatant to those who care to look – trees are green, instead of black. Green energy is being wasted there…so much for intelligent design. Randomness is a feature, not a bug. Without a hollow space, consciousness has no place to take root.

In this episode we pitch our new beer, “Tripel Privilege.” Should we crowdfund it?

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