Meet the Israelis (Episode 22)

We kick off with a lighthearted discussion of how Israelis are portrayed as monsters – senselessly breaching human rights, knocking down houses, making matzah with the blood of innocent children – and then we delve into our inner Sesame Street characters and throw a few punches at Israeli Hasbara.

Shifting away from the media image of Israelis, we dive into love of our land, commitments and beliefs vs. politics and voting patterns, and the nature (and etymology) of faith (אמונה). This episode includes an interview with MORIYAH CHERQUI (! At Ein Yael! ( [Hebrew])

We also talk about agenda pushing and call back to our episode on religion, education, and ideology.

(We recorded this several weeks ago, so the opening reference to the murder and the demolition are not in sync with the date we posted.)

And for those of you who are nervous, Meir-Simchah successfully completed his move. One day the hallway might yet be clear, too. Thanks for asking.

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