Holy Madness Reads The Haggadah (Episode 15)

Holy Madness reads the Haggadah!

This podcast picks up from where we left off in the previous episode, discussing Passover/Pesach and freedom. We now dive into the text of the Haggadah. Read it along with us, or listen in. Perfect for beginners and curious non-Tribe members, it’s almost like sitting at the Seder table.

The Haggadah is the text read (and followed) at the Passover Seder. For roughly two thousand years, the Haggadah we use today has accompanied Jews celebrating Pesach.

The Seder has quite a few elements – it is based on the Greek Symposium. The main element, where the texts are read and discussed, bookended by two of the four cups of wine, is called Maggid. You may notice “Haggadah” and “Maggid” sound the same; they indeed share the same root, which means “to tell over.” The main Mitzva (commandment) of Pesach (at least in Exile, anyways) is the telling over of the story of the Redemption from Egypt, and the Haggadah is exactly how we do that.

Drinking four of these is no easy task – it’s an entire bottle!

Of course, the Haggadah is not really a very good telling over of the story. It twists and turns, jumping from point to point, seemingly without pattern, rhyme, or reason. It turns out there may even be two Haggadahs, dating back to the Talmudic period, that have been stitched together for us to appreciate both the individual liberty and the greater freedom that is the gift of Passover. Even for seasoned members of the Tribe, you may love the structure we reveal in our reading.

Of course, we also include traditional tunes sung at Seders around the world, and our trademark snarky presentation of holy texts. There’s something for everyone here. 

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