Passover Introduction: Freedom Through Words (Episode 14)

This humble little podcast episode is an overview of Pesach/Passover – what is being celebrated, why, and how. We discuss the oddly universal celebration of our little nation’s holiday commemorating its emancipation. This leads to exploring the themes and imagery of the holiday. We go back to place important topics discussed in Episode 12b (freedom and liberty) in the Passover milieu. In doing so, we discover that freedom is created with words. Language, more than anything else, is what sets you free.

Why is the imagery of Israel’s exile and redemption so universal? From the founding of the United States, to the songs on the Underground Railroad, to any person talking about being saved, you will hear about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. What is it about exile and redemption as an organizing principle for a life that is so powerful? 

What does it mean to be redeemed? What is freedom? What makes your life yours? What does it mean to choose what you want to be or become? On what plane do you see your life – the personal? The familial? The communal? The national? The species? Somewhere in between? All of the above? On which plane is the freedom that you seek?


And why on earth do we celebrate the freedom of being redeemed from Egypt by reading a Haggadah?

This is more than Four Questions, of course. Yet we answer them all, and more, in this podcast.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic overview of the holiday’s ubiquitous insistence on freedom through words. We discover a little bit of what that means, and set the stage for the next episode – where we explore the Haggadah in depth and inside the text.

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