Betting Against Pascal’s Wager (Episode 9)

In this podcast episode, Meir-Simchah blindsides Tzvi with the question, “Why don’t you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?” Tzvi points out this question is really pointing to the infernally stupid Pascal’s Wager.

Somehow this sparks a discussion about Christian music, the book “In The Land Of Believers,” and the “Feeling X” it creates. This, eventually, turns to sin and redemption, salvation and original sin, and the Resurrection of the Dead. This eventually meanders to the finitude of Existence, and the perhaps futility of all Life. Oh, and the existential dread that comes with being fully human. You, know, an easy, light conversation. 

This guy.

Why Pascal’s Wager Is Flawed

We come back to Pascal’s Wager to point out its chief flaw: Pascal’s Wager is based on a personal perspective. It is all about Pascal, after all. He is chiefly interested in his own life, and his own afterlife. Tzvi doesn’t care for the perspective. Pascal’s Wager might work for small minded people, primarily interested in maximizing their own pleasure. But if what you care about it what your efforts will have been for, none of the elements of Pascal’s Wager apply. 

To Tzvi’s mind, sin does not precede existence, and the idea of Original Sin doesn’t speak to him. He isn’t sure, therefore, what he needs to be saved from. He cares more about a point to life, a reason Life exists…and a potential to make a difference, on that level. Let him go to hell, if need be, but his life have been for something real. You know, Become something.

We end with Moses’ quote, “Choose Life so that you may live.” Not YOUR life, Pascal. Choose Life itself, ALL of it. And then you may have a life yourself, too.

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