Knowledge & Virtue – which causes which?

Does knowledge of what's right make you virtuous? Is moral virtue necessary for some kind of knowledge? The questions are ancient and blatantly unresolved. They're also fundamental for theories of man, politics, education, and, probably, the meaning of life. My thinking on this was sparked by R. Eliezer Berkovits who, to put it mildly, tore … Continue reading Knowledge & Virtue – which causes which?

The Bible. Literally.

Promoting episode 17, Unintelligent Design, I joined a Facebook group for Young Earth Creationists. Yes, you just intuited correctly that this didn’t end well. But before it didn’t end well, oh baby, oh baby, we had a good thing goin'. It was such a good thing, I thought, Hey, I’ll write up some thoughts about … Continue reading The Bible. Literally.

Parshat Shoftim – What is Justice?

What is justice? And who is judging? Can you answer one without the other? The weekly Torah portion is called "Judges" as it opens with the command to appoint judges and police to judge the people properly, with a special prohibition against taking bribes. It then covers: The prohibition on idolatry, specifically Ashera-trees and stone … Continue reading Parshat Shoftim – What is Justice?