There was a big bang.
This happened. Much the rest is commentary.

Some time later, on a street corner in Jerusalem, two wise guys met for the first time. They spoke for what seemed like minutes, while hours passed. While one of them eventually had the police called on him by a nervous loving wife at 4am, the two knew they had something special together – the gift of complimentary opposing points of view and a desire to learn.  

Years passed. Insights were shared. Many a discussion was had. One day, a realization dawned. Other people would love hearing these conversations, too – and the insights discovered would probably benefit them.  

Nothing, however, happened after that for another year.  

One day, one of those friends lost his job. In an effort to find productive and creative things to do, he remembered the italics he thought of long ago. And with that newfound impetus, “Holy Madness – The Show” was born.  

Then he found a job. Holy Madness reached the toddler stage and demanded bottles at night. Toilet training it was a b*tch. Yet the intrepid team soldiers on.  


Meir-Simchah (or Seth) Panzer is a lover of life, Israel, Torah, wisdom, language, languages, literature, mathematics, and science. Among other things.  Meir Simchah grew up in English in Virginia, USA, and now lives between languages with his wife and children in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a writer-editor worth over half a billion dollars in donations to his employer (too bad there’s no commission…). Meir Simchah moonlights as a psycholinguist, and aspires to his preferred pronoun: המחבר שליט”א.


Tzvi Zucker lives in Jerusalem with his wife and three daughters. Tzvi grew up in Brooklyn, which lets him be both hipster AND hasid. He is a social worker by training, though neurasthenic by practice. He is an avid fan of semicolons, sarcasm, and melancholy music. Tzvi plays the drums, guitar, and around. He can generally be found at home, or pontificating on whatever brilliant insight he may have just had. His dream is to be paid to have opinions; until then, you can enjoy them here free of charge. Tzvi loves learning Torah and conversing with the ancients, or just about anyone else.