Holy Madness Podcast Episodes

What is Holy Madness?

Holy Madness is a “religion and spirituality” podcast by two wise guys in Jerusalem that sifts through a mad world seeking wisdom, and occasionally sanity.

It also may just be a condition. A way of life. 

If you’re a thinking believer, or a believing thinker, or an actual agnostic with a heart – welcome. We’ve been expecting you.

Our podcast tackles heavy subjects, with a light touch. Come for the entertaining conversation, stay for the contrarian and thought provoking conclusions, and enjoy the holy madness in between. Join us for stimulating and broad discussions of far-reaching topics, always with some insightful food for thought to take away.

If we had to describe ourselves in a word, it might just be “pharismanic.” If we had more than one word, it’d be “looking through what’s happening into the Divine Comedy.”

Of course, we have more than one word, and you can click over to the “About” section to learn more.

holy madness
Which one is holy, and which one is madness? Only you can decide…

“This podcast takes no prisoners, has a few scruples, and Quixotically wants to change the world.

“Without Holy Madness, I’d have to think on my own.”

A Listener, Presumably

Holy Madness Live

You can book Holy Madness for speeches, shows, classes, and more. Head on over to the “Contact” page to get in touch.

Questions? Comments? Looking For Other People Like You?

“So you call yourselves ‘the religion and spirituality podcast for those of us who haven’t lost their minds, or faith,’ but what else is there besides listening to you two talk?”

Well, thanks for asking. You can peruse the Written Word where we write out long form quality posts. And you’ll love the Holy Madness Facebook page, and discussion group. Meet like-minded people sifting through a world gone off its rails for something more. Discuss recent episodes, or just about anything else. You’ll get updates when new episodes are posted from the page, too. We all spend too much time on Facebook already, but at least this way it can have a point 🙂